Un volto molte persone

Installation developed together with muschi&licheni for the Collegio San Carlo Foundation for the 2026 laboratory project.

As part of the photographic exhibition A face a race by Francesco Radino, proposed by the San Carlo Foundation and the Modena Visual Arts Foundation, the Two Thousand and Sixi Laboratory presents the installation Un volto molte persone.

In dialogue with the photographic work of Radino who, through the gaze turned to some protagonists of today’s migratory processes (refugees of various origins who arrived in Lesbos, volunteers from other countries, inhabitants of the island), pays attention to the complexity inherent in the relationship and in the ‘meeting with the other, the installation intends to highlight how all identities are plural and determined by social and cultural ties, stratified over time, which create a circular and incessant movement between the self and the us.

Through the unprecedented recomposition of images of students of today’s San Carlo Foundation and of the Collegio of past centuries, it will be possible to create new faces, not existing in reality but the result of a collective action that questions us on the relationship that binds present and past and on the multiple roots enclosed in each person.