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Winning project of the Federico Alessandri I Edition Award, organized by the Academy of Fine Arts and the ISIA of Urbino.

Developed together with Amedeo Mencarini, Elia Chiarucci and Gianluca Ciancaglini.

Anthropocene.otf is a parametric typeface linked to an air quality index.
Anthropocene.otf changes its appearance in real time with the pollution values ​​of the atmosphere of the area from which it is connected. This typeface acts as a stimulator of active and participatory processes of climate change and related political choices. The goal of this character is to create a product that shows the impact of man on the global ecosystem in real time.

The book was born from a collaboration between the Anthropocene.otf and Anthropocene Poetry projects by Charlie Baylis. Anthropocene Poetry is an ecology-inspired poetry website that publishes hundreds of authors from around the world. The book sees some of the Anthropocene Poetry poems reproduced on paper with the Anthropocene.otf font.

Writing, narrating, handing down the Anthropocene is a prerogative of both initiatives, whose efforts have been employed in the creation of this collection in the hope of being able to spread their message.

The poems are proposed, where possible, in their original form, respecting indentations, headlines and other particular signs. All the authors present in this collection have given their consent to the publication and dissemination of their work.