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Giovanni Termini was born in Sicily in Assoro in 1972. After graduating from the Art Institute of Enna, in 1992 he moved to Rome where he attended the Academy of Fine Arts. Since 1998 he has lived and worked in Pesaro.

His research focuses on a redefinition of sculpture not as an order of static volumes, but as an assembly of expanding forms.

The means with which Termini defines its works consist of everyday objects, coming from the most varied contexts, and of different types of materials: wood, steel, glass, innocent tubes, nylon bands, belts, springs, plexiglas and polystyrene collide as if to affirm the primacy of matter or form. These materials, assembled with contrasting intent, involve the viewer both physically and mentally. These are installations that, often in an ironic and paradoxical way, communicate a sense of expectation and invite you to stop and reflect and in which the solidity of the structures is related to the precariousness of existence.

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