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Winning project of the Federico Alessandri I Edition Award, organized by the Academy of Fine Arts and the ISIA of Urbino. Developed together with Amedeo Mencarini, Elia Chiarucci and Gianluca Ciancaglini. Anthropocene.otf is a parametric typeface linked to an air quality index.Anthropocene.otf changes its appearance in real time with the pollution values ​​of the atmosphere […]

Un volto molte persone

Installation developed together with muschi&licheni for the Collegio San Carlo Foundation for the 2026 laboratory project. As part of the photographic exhibition A face a race by Francesco Radino, proposed by the San Carlo Foundation and the Modena Visual Arts Foundation, the Two Thousand and Sixi Laboratory presents the installation Un volto molte persone. In […]

Let Me Be On Internet

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The first Game Boy was released in Japan on April 21, 1989.One thing that was missing, for technical obviousness, was the ability to connect to the internet, remember that Tim Berners-Lee in that year theorized the functioning of the World Wide Web.Shortly thereafter, the Internet wave will enter any reality, including that of the video […]

Is Not A Number

Collective exhibition at the Bottega Bernardi in Urbino. with Elia Chiarucci and Nicolò Brescia. curated by Bruno Ceci.coordination by Marco Ercolani.critical introduction by Davide Riboli. 12-13.06.19

Disegni dal passato, dal presente e dal futuro

Collaboration supervised by muschi&licheni for the “Drawings from the past, present and future” event of the Collegio San Carlo Foundation. On the occasion of the White Night of Modena and the European Night of Museums on Saturday 18 May, the San Carlo College Foundation proposes the exhibition “Laboratorio duemilaventisei. Drawings from the past, present and […]

The Truth Is Fake News

Project made with Amedeo Mencarini The advent of new media, new technologies and especially the Internet has led to the creation of a fertile ground for the birth and dissemination of fake news; takes shape from the intent to fight those who spread them. It is a spambot whose job is to send emails, […]

Lorem Trumpsum

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Lorem Trumpsum is a project of auto-generative graphic-design.It’s developed by arranging together node.js and the Twit module, the script takes information by every tweets from Donald Trump in real time, then it creates with Processing a generative poster.The application is active and running 24/7 thanks to a Raspberry Pi 3 Model b+. Ultimo manifesto // Latest poster